New Evidence

This is where we post information of interest to historians and archaeologists relating to the new battlefield at Crowhurst and the Combe Haven Valley where the Norman Invasion site is located.

This document provides a summary of the historical documents. 18pages

The source book containing the full evidence (online version at bottom of page) 364pages

Timbers found pre 1294 at Norman Invasion site.

Norman Defense earthworks and ditches.

Video of talk at White Rock by Nick Austin October 2012.

Spears and arrows Blacksmith Field Crowhurst.

Another historian confirms Battle Abbey not the battlefield.

Norman style boat located in Combe Haven.

Aerial photographs of Norman Invasion site.

Early Norman footbow found on Saxon defense line at Crowhurst great Field.

Resistivity surveys confirm lower fort and ditch as shown on Bayeux Tapestry.

Roman occupation confirmed by network of Roman Tracks leading to the old Port at Redgeland Wood.

Roman earthworks identified and adapted by Normans as confirmed by the Carmen at invasion camp Confirmed as Roman by Oxford Archaeology as part of Link Road evaluation.

Defensive ditches reported by Wace on the battlefield identified on Google earth at Crowhurst, along with other battlefield finds (helmet rims etc)- imagemap mouseover and click for archaeology.

Lidar confirms lower Norman fort ditches and upper Norman fort features.

Archaeologist confirms buttresses present at old manor house where abbey originally built.

Crossbowmen confirmed at Battle of Hastings by Bayeux Tapestry alterations.

Malfosse bridge identified next to battlefield, missing from traditional site.

Norman foundations found at the site of the abbey commissioned by William to be built on the battlefield but moved six years after start (confirmed by Chronicle of Battle Abbey).

Trenches discovered at Upper Norman Fort Wilting Manor confirm Norman defensive position.

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